About Us

Image result for Alana GilroyHey there, I am Alana Gilroy. I am one of the directors of BCTOP 100 Conveyancing Services. We are situated in Adelaide and we are Adelaide’s one of the most accurate companies in conveyancing services. We have been in the conveyancing industry since 10 years. I am graduated from Sydney Law Sydney which is one of the leading law schools in Australia. Later after practicing for a year in real estate industry I started developing my interest for conveyancing industry and later goy my degree from Ultimo TAFE Sydney and got the Advanced Diploma and started practicing the conveyancing services in Sydney.

Slowly and gradually conveyancing became my passion and I started working in many fields for convey6ancing. I started conveyancing for buyers at first. I was working only for residential properties, later I started working for commercial properties too and for all types of clients i.e. buyer or seller. I am now a proud member of “Australian Institute Of Conveyancers” and also “Justice Of Peace”. I am very fond of working with all the corporate clients. I specialise in serving the investors for advising their investment options. I also serve as judge at the local council for dispute in property transfers.

Contact me today or any one from our staff. Our staff members are friendly and completely reliable. We are your one stop solution for all type of property transfer services.